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State Leadership Conference

March 26-28, 2020 | Coralville

The Iowa FBLA State Leadership Conference (SLC) is a three day conference held each spring. The conference consists of general sessions, competitive events, seminars, workshops, election of officers, awards, special programs, and other planned leadership and educational activities.

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Competitive Events

Need help selecting which competitive event to participate in? Use this flowchart or answer a few questions to guide your decision-making to select the right event.

National competitive event guidelines and rating sheets

State competitive event guidelines (pdf document)

State chapter recognition event guidelines (pdf document)

State conference guidelines (pdf document)

2020 Competitive Event Changes

Prejudged Projects Modification: Eliminate prejudging for Coding & Programming, Computer Game & Simulation Programming, E-business, Mobile Application Development, and Website Design. Judging will focus on the usability and functionality of the product as seen by the judges. These events will now be categorized as demonstration rather than performance events, and competitors will be required to demonstrate how well the project works during the event demonstration.

Local Chapter Annual Business Report: Modified event - presentation component added

Business Plan: Modified event - page length reduced to 15 pages

2020 Competitive Event Topics

3D Animation

Using 3-D animation, create an informational video to train new FBLA chapter officers. The video should include:

  • Team building
  • Officer duties
  • Developing a Program of Work

Broadcast Journalism

You and/or your team are part of your school’s broadcast team. Create a live broadcast event that includes the following:

  • Social media/cell phones on campus
  • Financial literacy story for your audience
  • Sports story from your campus

Business Ethics

Research the ethical issues of photo manipulation related to journalistic practices and public opinion.

Business Financial Plan

Create a Business Financial Plan for a local rental business that will also do business online. The business should be specifically targeted for your community. The Business Financial Plan should include a name for the business, what items you will be renting, plans for needed construction and/or renovation to the building, equipment to be purchased, inventory for your launch date, hours of operation, staffing requirements, information on developing your e-business website, a promotional plan, and a social media plan.

Coding and Programming

Develop an original computer program to track hours for the Community Service Awards program for your chapter members. The program must complete a minimum of the following tasks:

  • Track student name, student number, and grade in school with ability to enter/view/edit.
  • Track the total of community service hours per student with ability to enter/view/edit.
  • Track the Community Service Award program category per student with the ability to enter/view/edit.
  • Generate or print weekly/monthly report to show total number of community service hours per student.
  • Generate or print weekly/monthly report to show Community Service Award program categories and total hours.
  • Data must be stored persistently. Storage may be in a relational database, a document-oriented NoSQL database, flat text files, flat JSON, or XML files.
  • The user interface must be a GUI with a minimum of five different control types including such things as drop-down lists, text fields, check boxes, emails, or other relevant control types.
  • All data entry must be validated with appropriate user notifications and error messages including the use of required fields.

Computer Game & Simulation Programming

Develop a 2D side scrolling game about the FBLA Business Achievement Awards (BAA) Program.

  • Give the game a name. The game must have a winning condition (points). You must implement a system of rewards (tokens), obstacles (penalties), a minimum of four levels, and lives. There must be an increase in difficulty as the levels increase.
  • The game must be compatible with a Windows 7 or newer operating system.
  • The game should be secure and bug free.
  • The game should utilize two of the following: keyboard, touchscreen, and/or mouse.
  • The game must be compatible for a maximum ESRB rating of E10+.
  • The game should have an instructional display.
  • The game should have a menu with start and exit/quit at any point and a score board at the end.

Digital Video Production

Create a video promoting a new discount airline. The airline serves the states surrounding the one in which you live. The video should promote the new airline, include a theme/slogan, share information about flight schedules, and describe the frequent flyer program.


Create an E-business website for a local rental business that will also do business online. The business should be specifically targeted for your community. The E-business site should include a name for the business and what items you will be renting. Include pictures and descriptions of items for rent. The site needs to include purchase and shipping information, a shopping cart, and social media links. (NOTE: No actual social media accounts should be created for this event.)

Emerging Business Issues

The traditional work environment is changing as technology provides employees the ability to work from anywhere. How is this trend positively and negatively, affecting the modern business environment and employee collaboration?

Graphic Design

Your company has been hired to create the name for a new and upcoming music artist/band. You and/or your team will develop the promotional/branding graphics for the new artist/band. The artist/band will need an identity with a name, logo, and webpage banner. The package should also include graphics for a t-shirt, the cargo vehicle graphics (vehicle to move equipment from one performance to another), and the stage design.

Introduction to Business Presentation

Prepare a presentation discussing how the news/media industry can recover from a tarnished image.

Mobile Application Development

Develop an app for local chapters to manage their chapters.

  • The app must include: App Name, About FBLA, Join FBLA (form), Calendar, links to FBLA websites, Local Officer Team, links to Social Media, Competitive Events, Current Events, Sign-up for a current event (form for either competitive event, fundraiser, or community service), Q & A, and Contact Us.
  • The app must include a way to track chapter meeting attendance.
  • The app must be designed for a phone/tablet.
  • The operating system must be mobile based such as Android or iO.
  • The app should state its licensing and terms of use.

Public Service Announcement

Create a Public Service Announcement about the importance of financial literacy for teens.

Publication Design

Your company has been hired to create the name for a new and upcoming music artist/band. You and/or your team will develop publication items for the new artist/band. You and/or your team will create the name and logo of the artist/band. In addition, an event poster, an event banner, an event venue setup/layout, and a news release must be created.

Social Media Campaign

Financial literacy is important for financial health in the future. Plan a social media campaign to increase an FBLA member's knowledge of finances and the impact of personal financial literacy training. (NOTE: No live social media accounts should be created for this event.)

Website Design

Create a website for a new discount airline. This airline serves the states surrounding the one in which you live. The airline has hired you to create a website. The website must include:

  • Airline name and theme/slogan
  • Introduction to the airline that includes animation
  • Flight schedules, with the ability to book flights
  • Information on the frequent flyer program
  • How to apply for a job with the airline
  • Social media links (NOTE: No live social media accounts should be created for this event.)

Future SLCs

April 1-3, 2021 | Coralville

March 31-April 2, 2022 | Coralville

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