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National Leadership Conference

June 29-July 2, 2021 | Anaheim, CA

The National Leadership Conference (NLC) is held during the summer months in a selected city in the United States. Iowa's top place competitive event winners with a counterpart national event are eligible to compete at the NLC. All Iowa members and advisers are eligible to attend, based on local and state guidelines. In addition to competitive events, the NLC consists of tours, business meetings, special interest sessions, seminars, workshops, awards programs, election and installation of national officers, and other planned educational/leadership development activities.


April 1 Membership awards and outstanding chapter program
April 25 BAA America and CSA Achievement Awards
April 27 All projects, folders, statements of assurances
May 2 Skill (production) tests completed and postmarked to Mrs. Voss
May 15 National officer application due
May 17 Early bird registration for NLC
June 1 All money for NLC expenses due to Mrs. Seuferer

Future NLCs

June 29-July 2, 2022 | Chicago, IL

2019 Iowa Delegation at NLC in San Antonio, TX

Iowa students at NLC