Email Lou Voss at to be added to the chapter database. You will need to provide your name, school email address, and name of school. If you are assuming the role of primary adviser, please indicate this.

Download the national chapter organizational packet from the national site at this link.

Complete the charter application. You will need to submit the following information:

  • Completed application
  • List of initial members and officers (you need a minimum of 3 members for Middle Level and 5 members for high school to charter a chapter)
  • Check for application fee of $20 plus membership dues for listed members (state/national dues are $8/member for Middle Level and $10/member for high school)

Once your charter application is processed, you will receive your chapter number and a Chapter Management Handbook.  You may also download the Iowa FBLA Chapter Management Handbook to a link at your left.

Once you have a chapter number, you should register all additional members online. To register members online, click this link and select "REGISTER NOW".

See the Dates & Conferences page for upcoming state activities.

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