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Game of PBL

Years ago, Iowa FBLA introduced FBLA-opoly, a spin off of the classic Monopoly board game. This year Iowa PBL is bringing you its very own game to complete this year, stacked with monthly challenges, community service activities, awards, and more. Introducing: “The Game of PBL,” an Iowa-only program that we are excited to bring to you for the 2021-2022 school year, which is based on another board game classic, The Game of Life.

Below you will find the actual board game, rules and guidelines, as well as submission links for completing various activities on the board.

Any questions can be emailed to

Submission Form Link

How to Get Started

Download the official game board and rules:

The Game of PBL Board

Official Rules (pdf)

Game Rules

Make sure to DOCUMENT all activities (photo/video/etc.) for submission, or you may not be awarded points for completion.

Game Rules

Please direct all questions to the state officers by submitting an email to

Point Values

Events with a specific point value:
Host a kickoff meeting 20 points
Set up a booth at org. fair 15 points
Tour a local business as a chapter 15 points
Participate in career fair or other event 15 points
Invite a state officer 20 points
Host an SLC preparation event 25 points
Host a guest speaker 30 points
Plan/host end of year meeting/banquet 30 points
Events with a point multiplier:
Bring a non-member to a chapter meeting 5 points per non-member
Complete a job or internship interview 5 points per interview
Participate in service season 5 points per SS activity
Register for Iowa SLC 10 points per registration
Attend Career Connections 50 points per attendee
Run for a state office 30 points per candidate
Attend the Iowa SLC 25 points per attendee
Register for NLC 50 points per registration
Community Service events:
Community service events 20 points per activity completed