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FBLA-opoly: Iowa Edition

FBLA-OPOLY Iowa Edition is being continued by the 2021-2022 State Officer Team for local chapters to compete in with some exciting changes. This program provides chapters with ideas to get their chapters more involved in the FBLA organization and a chance for additional recognition at the 2022 State Leadership Conference. Most submissions can be done by designated members of the chapter. The resources and submission links below are everything a chapter needs to Aspire to new heights! All links to our monthly Community Chest or Chance activities to earn your chapters more FBLA-OPOLY money are posted.

If you have questions about FBLA-OPOLY submissions, please contact the State Officer Coach, Levi Hoffman.

Last updated: August 4, 2021

Chapter Resources

Open and read these documents first to learn more about FBLA-opoly for 2021-2022:

Instructions & Activity Information (pdf document)


FBLA-opoly: Side 1

Due Date Board Space Resources
September 15 GO ($1000) Chapter information form
September 15 Game Board ($200) Picture form
September 15 Community Chest #1: Chapter Champion Summer Starter (up to $1375) No submission needed
September 15 Join GroupMe ($500) GroupMe
October 1 Newsletter Sign-Up ($1000) Newsletter Sign-Up
October 1 Opening Social ($1000) Event Form
October 1 Initial Dues ($500) No submission needed
November 1 Chance #1: Chapter Champion Shaping Success (up to $5750) No submission needed
November 1 Newsletter Post ($100/post) Upload picture

FBLA-opoly: Side 2

Due Date Board Space Resources
November 1 Social Media Post ($500) Upload screenshot of post
November 1 Attend SFLC ($1000) No submission needed
December 1 Joint Activity ($500) Upload pictures
December 1 Chapter Article ($300) Upload article
December 1 Attend NFLC ($750) No submission needed
December 1 Community Chest: Business Speaker ($500) Speaker form
December 15 Chapter Champion Service Season (up to $6200) No submission needed
January 1 Holiday Service ($300) Holiday service form

FBLA-opoly: Side 3

Due Date Board Space Resources
January 1 Invite a State Officer ($300) No submission needed
January 1 Chance: College Visit ($500) Tour form
January 1 Business Tour ($500) Tour form
February 1 Middle School Involvement ($500) Submit summary and photo
February 1 Increase Chapter Membership ($500-1000) No submission needed
February 15 Run for State or National Office ($300) No submission needed
February 1 Attend Regional Leadership Conference ($1000) No submission needed
March 1 State Partnership (up to $3000) No submission needed

FBLA-opoly: Side 4

Due Date Board Space Resources
March 1 March of Dimes Fundraiser ($300) MOD form
March 1 Visiting Prospective Chapters ($500) School information form
March 1 Community Chest #3: Spring Service ($600) Service description form
March 1 Attend State Officer Hangout (up to $500) No submission needed
March 1 Chance: Chapter Champion CTE Celebration (up to $6625) No submission needed
March 1 Reactivate or Activate a Chapter ($1000) Chapter activation form
March 1 Business Achievement Awards ($50-750) No submission needed
March 1 Chapter Report ($400) No submission needed

FBLA-opoly: Membership Points

Due Date Level Membership Count
March 1 $500 Bronze Level 20-35 Members
March 1 $100 Silver Level 36-50 Members
March 1 $100 Gold Level 51-75 Members
March 1 $100 Platinum Level 76+ Members