FBLA Member Registration

Make checks payable to FBLA-PBL, Inc. for both State and National dues. In order to be eligible for state competition, payment of membership dues must be received at the National FBLA‑PBL center prior to February 15. Only paid members will show on the State Leadership Conference Online Registration Form. State Leadership Conference registration is January 15-February 15.

$4.00 for State dues.
$6.00 for National dues.
Local chapter dues are optional but may exist.

Accessing the Online Membership System
1. Log on to the national web site www.fbla-pbl.org
2. Click on Membership Registration on the left hand side of the page.
3. Click on “Register Now.”
4. Key in your chapter number (do not key in hyphens or zero) and the password. Your
chapter number is located on the mailing label of the Chapter Management Handbook insert that you received in August.
• Example – chapter number 9811-00 would be 9811
• Example – password would be service

Processing Members via Online System

  • Step 1 – School Information: Review current school information. To update contact Information, click the Edit School Information button.
  • Step 2 – Adviser and Principal Information: Review and update advisers' contact information to receive national mailings. There must be at least one person designated as a Primary Adviser.
  • Step 3 – Select Prior Year Members or Add New Members: If your school had members last year, select members from last year’s roster to move to the current year. (Members are shown 50 at a time.) Once you have selected members to move to the current year, click Go To Members Page to continue. If you did not have members last year, simply add members for this year. Once all names have been added, click Post and Continue. You must click Post and Continue for students’ names to be saved.
  • Step 4 – Professional Members: Add new professional members or select from a list of last years’ members and include address, title, organization, email, phone, and fax.
  • Step 5 – State and National Dues: Review total amount of state and national dues for the most recent invoice. (FBLA-PBL Membership dues are unified. State dues and National dues must be paid to be considered a member.) Remember, Nevada FBLA State Dues are discounted $2 (total $4) until December 15.
  • Step 6 – National Scholarships: Contribute to National Scholarships (optional).
  • Step 7 – Invoice/Receipt: Once you have completed your registration, click the Invoice/Receipt link. Print a copy of this page for your records, and mail a copy with payment to the National Center at:

    National Membership Dues
    Future Business Leaders of America-Phi Beta Lambda, Inc.
    P.O. Box 79063
    Baltimore, MD 21279-0063

Note: Do not mail membership dues or rosters to the State Chair or State Adviser. All dues related correspondence must go to the National Office first; they will return appropriate copies and reports to the state chapter for you.
Questions or Concerns about Online Membership Reporting
For questions or concerns regarding online registration, please contact the FBLA-PBL membership office using the information below.
Phone – 800-325-2946 Email – membership@fbla.org


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