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2017-2018 Dates


Sept 14: SFLC Room Reservations due

Sept 14: SFLC Registration due


Oct 1-2: State Fall Leadership Conference, Des Moines

Oct 1: NFLC forms due

Oct 13: NFLC early bird registration due

Oct 15: NFLC payment for hotel and transportation due

Oct 15: Chapter Information Forms due


Nov 10-11: National Fall Leadership Conference, St. Louis, MO

Nov 15-Jan 15: Iowa FBLA regional testing open


Dec 1-Jan 20: SLC registration open


Jan 15: State Officer applications due

Jan 15: National officer letter of intent due to Lou Voss

Jan 20: All dues paid to compete at SLC


Feb 1: Last day for MOS Word and Excel exams

Feb 1: Iowa FBLA logo challenge and Iowa SLC promo challenge due

Feb 1: SLC hotel form due

Feb 4-10: National FBLA week

Feb 8: SLC skill (production) sent to schools

Feb 15: Event sponsorships due

Feb 15: All SLC prejudged projects due

Feb 17: SLC planning day for State Committee and State Officers


Mar 1: BAA and CSA Awards due

Mar 1: SLC skill tests due

Mar 15-17: State Leadership Conference, Coralville


Apr 1: Membership awards and outstanding chapter program due

Apr 25: BAA America and CSA Achievement Awards due

Apr 27: All NLC projects due


May 1: Submit for NLC payment

May 4: Skill tests completed

May 15: National officer application due

May 20: NLC early bird registration due


Jun 1: NLC payment due

Jun 2: National prep day, Linn Mar High School, Marion

Jun 28-July 1: National Leadership Conference, Baltimore, MD