The 2015-16 State Officer team has gone through training as well as their first conference, NLC 2015 in Chicago. These 7 hard working and outgoing members have taken their leadership to the next level and are determined to improve the Iowa FBLA chapter this year. Here are your officers:

Sruthi Palaniappan: State President

Sameer Ansari: State Vice President

Riley Hubbart: State Secretary

Jonathan Wisner: State Treasurer

Claire Campbell: State Reporter

Joshua Bolen: State Parliamentarian

Mason Chin: State Webmaster
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The winner of Iowa FBLA's first annual FBLAOPOLY competition was Chariton High School! Congratulations Chariton on a job well done. The standings were as follows:

1st Place- Chariton ($7,910)
2nd Place - Western Dubuque ($6,950)
3rd Place - Bettendorf ($6,350)
4th Place - Creston ($5,210)
5th Place - Alburnett ($3,640)
6th Place- Edgewood-Colesburg ($3,300)

Be on the look out for the start of Iowa FBLAOPOLY 2015-2016 and get your chapters excited to participate and CONNECT!
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The FBLA-opoly standings have changed!

1st place W. Dubuque- $4,840
2nd place Creston- $4,310
3rd place Chariton- $3,740
4th place Northeast- $3,290
5th place Bettendorf- $3,040
6th place Alburnett- $2,760

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We need you to join us………
We are searching for enthusiastic business people to join our team. If you would like to make a difference in the life of a high school or college student, we need you. Our goal is to create a Professional Division in Iowa whose members can mentor our future business leaders.

Professional Division members will:

- Receive two national publications

- Receive discounts at national companies

- Serve as judges for state conferences

-Prepare students for national competitions

- Assist local FBLA and PBL chapter advisers

If you are interested, complete the registration at
If you have questions, contact Jeff Sears at:

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The current FBLA-opoly standings are as follows:
1st Creston $3,750
2nd Chariton $3740
3rd Bettendorf $2,540
4th Waukon $2,480
5th Sioux Central $2,300
6th Northeast $2,290

Keep working hard as we move closer to SLC!
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